Directions to Adair  Lakehouse  #1 & #2


Addresses for 911 emergency purposes only:
(There is a new 911 service for this area so you will likely not find these addresses in GPS devices.)
Lake House #1 – 4239 Warren Drive
Lake House #2 – 4225 Warren Drive

Call Us at any time .


Directions to Adair Family Lake houses coming from the SOUTH on I35. Exit at exit 51

Set your odometer back to 0. Go NORTH on highway 77.  Continue North on 4 lane highway 77 for 3.8 miles till it ends at highway 7 where it makes a right angle turn and heads EAST.  You are now on the main street of Davis, Oklahoma. proceed to the only stoplight in Davis. Reset your odometer back to 0


Directions to Adair Family Lake houses coming in on I35 from the north take exit 55 to  highway 7

Go east to the only stop LIGHT in Davis, Oklahoma  (about 6 miles).  Reset your odometer back  to 0 at the stop  light.

From the stoplight  continue on EAST  on Highway 7 for 3.6 miles.  MAKE  A  RIGHT  TURN  AT  CHICKASAW  TRAIL  ROAD.  Reset you odometer to 0.

Now you are going  SOUTH.  Continue South on  CHICKASAW  TRAIL  ROAD   for 2 miles  (2 stop signs at cross roads.)  The second road is  PRIMROSE .  Turn left  (EAST)  on  PRIMROSE.  Reset your odometer to 0. We expect some road construction on primrose most of nest year. When necessary we will give alternate directions. We expect dramatic road changes for the better.

Go 0.5 miles east  (about ½ mile)  to  MASTER’S  ROAD.  Turn right on masters road Reset odometer to 0.  Notice the red arrow sign with lettering  “Adair Lakehouses”  pointing south.)   proceed south on MASTER’S  ROAD for 0.4  (less then ½ mile)   where the road splits.
Veer to the left and continue.
You will see another red arrow sign pointing a little left.
There is another road at about 0.2 miles that turns right  called  LANDING  ROAD.  Don’t turn.  This road goes directly into the lake !!!   DON’T  GO  THERE !!!!!
Look for another arrow sign–you are now going  EAST  and almost there.
Continue for another 0.1 miles and turn left.  Notice arrow sign pointing the way.
This puts you on  WARREN  DRIVE. The first house on the  RIGHT is LAKEHOUSE #1  and the second house on the RIGHT is LAKEHOUSE  # 2.

Both houses have realtor type key holders at the front door.  There should be lights at the front of the houses to help you but a flashlight might come in handy if you are arriving after dark.  We will give you the code for opening the lock box to get the keys.  PLEASE  don’t forget to replace the keys when you leave. Thank you and have a wonderful time !!!   John and Jane Adair  ( )