Local Attractions

Local Attractions and Services. We have an enlarged map with all These places and how to get there posted on the wall of both houses The Numbers next to the name tells where each attraction is located


1-Turner Falls Park–  #1 attraction in Southern Oklahoma. Follow 77 south from Davis about 3 miles .  cross over I 35. About 2 miles .  well marked with signs continue on 77 to the park.

8-Arbuckle Wilderness:  HI way 77 south almost  too  I 35  Don’t cross I 35. Turn south just before 77 turns to across I 35.

11-Chickasaw National  Recreation  Area – on the east edge of Sulphur turn south to  HI way 177 you are now in the park. Left turn takes you to Turn right to the“ The Point”  an important place to swim, fish, picnic, boating, fishing and get boat permits. Arbuckle Lake- located in the park. We are on the West side of the lake. The Point is on the east side of the lake . (12)-.Turn right ( south east ) when you turn off 77 to 177. The first right  is a the place to start that direction to The Point and Veterans Lake. Both have  excellent swimming and picnicking areas.

Enter  the lake at  Guy Sandy landing (6 ) near our  houses or The Point( 12) on the east side of the lake.

(10) Treasure Valley Gaming Center– has good buffet on Friday night . at exit 55 from I  35.

(13Chickasaw Cultural Center ; very good display Indian Culture, History and Customs. Located  ½ miles south of Walmart.  From  the first stop  light in Sulphur turn south.

(10)Bede Chocolate Factory exit I35 at Exit 55. Look to the sw corner of the intersection.

Arbuckle  Museum– very good. Located on main street in Davis  at the railroad station

Main Street Bistro– on Main street of Davis   excellent  food –closes at 3 pm

Rusty Nail winery. Located on main street in Sulphur.

Smokin’  Joe’s  BarB-Q    BEST   you’ve ever tasted !!!  Drive South on H.W. 77  just before you cross over H.W.  35  Small stone buildings on East side of the road !!

( 5)Donkey zip Line– Must be able to climb stairs and hold  on to the strap. The Total time for the trip around the circle takes about 2 hours. Very thrilling but pricey. East  across I 35 west 1 mile. look for a Dolese sign on the south and turns south about 2 miles. Call 583 369 5010  for reservations.

( % ) Cross Bar Ranch  for ATV thrills. Bring yours or rent. On HI way 7 go west at exit 55 over I 35 1 mile and turn  south and go past the zip line about another mile.

Wild Hose Creek = For hunting wild boar and Deer. Call 580 369 3344.

Arbuckle Mountain Bluegrass Park- Jam sessions and Festivals. So south on 77  but don’t cross I 35. Turn south just before I 35 and go south look for signs.

Sulphur Hills Golf Course call 580 622 5057

G W Exotic Animal Park. Exit 64  I 35 go east.www.gwpark.park-directions.php.

Arbuckle Wedding Chapel. exit 55 I 35 at the north east corner.

In Ardmore  The Cloverleaf – A delightful experience to see the great collection of merchandise  exit I 35 at exit 31 b and turn right look for pink this and that and that and that. Lake Murray Golf Course and  lake view golf course call 580 223 6616.

We have a map showing these points of interest  in showing the location  of each item listed in each house .